About me

Passion for experimenting…

…with foods, combined with curiosity and knowledge have allowed me to create my own home based catering business.

In my kitchen I do create interesting and tasty dishes inspired by recipes from the past. I like to use my grandmothers old recipes and of course prepare them in a more healthy iteration (You can read about ‚healthy dishes and products used in my kitchen  on my blog). I never miss a chance to innovate and explore trends to make my food even more sensational.

We use the finest, fresh ingredients and products from local suppliers, we use pick-your-own farms, where we find exceptional quality vegetables and fruit. We do make dishes for an intimate dinner for two, for weddings, baptisms, birthdays, business lunches, Halloween or Christmas parties, and everything in between!

Now living in London

since 2013, I still create great food for local shops and private customers. I strongly believe in using local and seasonal products for my recipes, that’s why I organize trips to the „Pick Your Own” farms and collect the fruit and vegetables from there myself. In my own kitchen, I create special menus of homemade dishes for all occasions. I am sure that my global dishes will be a match for your special parties, events, as well as for a romantic dinner for two. My menus include Polish, Russian, Croatian, French, Middle Eastern, Indian and Thai cuisines, to name a few. I can say, without a doubt, that the food my family and I eat at our home, or the food I make for my customers is a reflection of my experience traveling across the globe.