Lovely early morning. Hong Kong slowly wakes up. The temperature is great 23 degrees and ONLY 56% of humidity, so it is a great start for my Food Adventure Trip scheduled for me by my partner. I am going to meet my “private” tour guide at Mong Kok, one of the most popular and busting districts in HK. You will not find big international brands in this part, but there is few unique spots here. 

Street food, plenty of other restaurants and food market are among of them. Street food is a MUST in Hong Kong, and here in Mong kok you’ll be able to taste so many Traditional as well as innovative dishes, Hong Kong style snacks, fish and octopus balls, tofu, dumplings and maaaaaany more. My guide is taking me through the streets of over 100 years old food market. It is an adventure for me, as I wanted to see these type of street food and look for inspirations for my own dishes, but I would be lying if I say I liked everything I’ve seen there. It is hard, very hard to believe that in 21st century we still need to see animals slaughtered on the streets. Well I hope you could give me some thoughts about your felling about that things. I mean I do eat, I do cook and will be cooking meat, but…let’s do that in ethical way. Send me some comments, please about your thoughts. The other thing is I always wonder how is it work that in some countries (Greece, Tunisia, Vietnam and many more) you can keep the fresh meat and fish all day on the street! During my staying in HK it was only 24 degrees, but the meat or fish is sold during the horrible temp reach 35 and more in HK during the summer time.