I was cooking today few dishes for my customers. One of them was slow cook lamb. One of my favourite dishes. The other one was spicy chicken. In one moment of cooking I have realised that is

It’s only Monday! But already 1st of October. No matter what,  this is my most favourite time of the year. The beauty of the season, the treasures  of the nature – some of them already locked in the jars by me, and just everything around …look at this pic taken by my while cooking! I was  just preparing a dinner order to be collect  by my customer,  when I realised that there is some red light coming through my windowed door. What a beautiful sky I thought. And I even have time to take this picture! But then I heard in the news at 7.00Pm that one of my favourite French singers Charles Aznavour has died . I do love French language (well long time ago I even could speak French) and French songs, and I adore Charles Aznavour.

Now listening his songs from my old vinyl records (yes I have them and I will play them during one of my super club dinners soon) I remembered that I had a very lovely French recipe of slow cook leg of lamb with garlic and herbs and white beans. Of course it was too late add any suggestions to my client who was collecting his  order at 7.30 pm . Slow cooked lamb takes up to 7 hours to be ready. 


Coming back to my today’s recipe, it was chicken thighs in sriracha sauce. Oh it is spicy, but good. And a slow cook lamb shoulder.
Well after I finish to cook my lamb for the client, I remembered