Magic of Food

Date: 02.08.2019

Author: Viola's Food

Homemade jam – kiwi

It comes from Asia, but New Zealand has contributed to the widespread production of kiwi on a wide scale (about 70% of kiwi comes from NZ). In Europe, kiwi has been known since the 1950s, and since then kiwi has become an object of interest for chefs, doctors, dietitians and cosmetologists.

Of course, eaten raw will be the tastiest and will bring many benefits to our body. So you can add it to various salads, cocktails, desserts. ( some recipes – below)

Today in my kitchen I work with kiwi. This exceptionally tasty, refreshing fruit can be used in many ways.

Kiwi contains a lot of vitamins responsible for the appearance of our skin, which is why it is often called a youth elixir (it contains vit A – needed for cell regeneration and hydration, vit C – needed to accelerate wound healing, lightening of spots and skin discoloration, sealing vessels, vit E – anti-aging skin, vit K for strengthening blood vessels).

Kiwi can replace medication in the prevention of cardiovascular disease (2-3 fruits a day protect against thrombosis or stroke), supports the respiratory system.

Daily consumption of these fruits is recommended to people who suffer from infections of the upper respiratory tract, asthma and smokers – because kiwi is full of antioxidants.

My family cannot imagine a day without kiwi, so these fruits in my kitchen are always in different quantities. Recently, I went to a night fruit market to buy products for fruit and vegetable preserves. When I saw the kiwi boxes, I couldn’t resist buying one . And with a 10kg vase, you can imagine how many kiwis found in my house that night.

So I decided to make jam and chutney first. Jam is a great addition to bread, and chutney to baked, roasted or grilled meat. Especially for spicy ones.

Kiwi is also interesting as an appetizer.

And I can’t forget to mention  that kiwi fruit, sugar, water and lemon sorbet will be a great dessert for children.

Chutney recipe

6 peeled and chopped kiwis, 1 banana, 1 lemon juice, 40 dag sugar, chilli pepper (seeded depending on how spicy chutney is) 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, ground pepper and coriander and curry powder. Simmer the ingredients over low heat until a thick consistency is obtained. Transfer the hot mass to sterilized jars.


Mix 6-7 peeled kiwis with pulp and juice from 2 citrounds and 1 lime, add 700g of sugar. Cook for about 15-20 minutes. After cooling, I use a hand-held blender to mash larger pieces. The jam is very liquid, but after boiling again, add a tablespoon of pectin powder to it and cook intensively for about 1 minute. I translate into sterilized words


Green, mix baby salad, 2-3 diced kiwi, 1 apple, raisins, seeds or sprouts. You can add chopped fine girl meat

Salad dressing: olive oil, mustard, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.


Boil 200g sugar with 200ml water (until the sugar dissolves, cool and add 6-7 peeled and chopped kiwi, 50ml lime or lemon juice, mix and put in the fridge for about 2-3 hours. Remember to mix the sorbet with a fork every 20- 25 min to prevent the formation of ice crystals.