Magic of Food

Date: 29.08.2019

Author: Viola's Food

Hong Kong – looking for inspirations

I am boarding the airbus A380 and heading to Hong Kong. I am going to spend 12 hours at an altitude of 32,000 feet and travel a distance of 6000 miles to spend a few days in Hong Kong and find inspiration for my recipes. Sounds a bit crazy. But I am sure it will worth it. I am going to spend most of the time EATING, and tasting the “street food” as well as the recipes of the restaurants serving the best food in Hong Kong.

This is a quote I’ve posted on my blog on 21of November 2018. And since then I do wanted to travel to Hong Kong again and again.
Well, in mean time I am here in London, cooking and preparing my flat to open my Supper Club on September this year. I am sure that among many dishes I would like to offer at my own place, some of them will be the one I have tasted in Hong Kong.

Few days ago my friends and I went to China Town in London for a dinner, one of the dish we’ve ordered was sweet and sour sauce chicken. It was good, as the place must be, since we had to wait to be seated about 15 min. But the atmosphere there wasn’t good enough for us, every 5
min the staff came to our table ready to take the plates away, or asking “you finished”?

Anyway the food was good, but then I decided I will make my own sweet and sour sauce at home. Sweet and sour sauce is one of the most sought after items in Chinese cuisine. Served with chicken, pork or prawns is just amazing and even more amazing if homemade. I am sure I wouldn’t have mentioned that is heathier and cheaper. This Hong Kong style sweet and sour chicken I made is simple and quick to make. I am sure you will love it at my place, and after that you will be happy to comeback to me again, or do it on your own. Recipe on requests From September I will be selling my homemade sweet and sour sauce on line as well.