Magic of Food

Date: 29.12.2019

Author: Viola's Food

Homemade chesse

Today I’ve made my own cottage cheese. For that healthy and yummy cheese you will need only few ingredients such as milk, buttermilk and lemon or apple vinegar. The most important is milk. Preferably real from cow or ordinary pasteurized, with a fat content of no less than 3.2%. From 3 liters of milk , I made about 0.5-0.6 kg of cheese.

Delicate, fresh, very mild, home-made, white cheese, home-made curd (called paneer in India, cottage cheese elsewhere, similar to Italian capri) is the easiest to do. For me definitely the best. It can be cut into beautiful cubes and any slices, no world championship. Homemade cottage cheese can be eaten with a sandwich, solo, in salads, sweet and salty, fried in butter, like skewers, in spices and sauces, or chutneys. Cubed – can be freeze for about 4 month.

I am going to use this cheese to make a very traditional polish recipe called “lazy” dumplings. I haven’t make them or tried them since ages!! And just during my last trip to Wroclaw ( I wrote about my culinary trips to my country previously on my blog) I had a chance to taste that lazy dumpling with duck breast in honey thyme sauce and apples. This dish – is hard to describe- was divine. And no, of course the Art Restaurant Chef Grzegorz Pomietlo didn’t share with me his recipe. So I am going to do my best and make my own lazy dumplings with ….ok, about that next time.

Now this is a recipe for everyone who would like to make its own cheese. (well you can always order from me too)


  • 3 liters of milk
  • half a liter of buttermilk ( you can also use yogurt)
  • lemon juice or apple vinegar (only 1-small tsp)

Pour the bottom of the pot with a bit of cold water, this will prevent burning. Pour milk, boil when it rises, reduce heat to a minimum, add lemon juice yogurt or buttermilk, gently and slowly mix from the edges towards the center of the pot. Heat 2-3 minutes, only until the yellow whey separates and the cheese separates. If it separates poorly, give more lemon, up to two or a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Pour onto a thick sieve or colander lined with gauze or a kitchen cloth, hung over a bowl or pot to drip whey.

Whey is very rich in various nutrients, you can bake bread, dough, cook potatoes, rice , add to the bath, drink, water the flowers and give the dog or cat, my dog loves it.
The cheese should be stored in the fridge wrapped in a damp cloth, lasts up to 7 days.