Magic of Food

Date: 17.06.2020

Author: Viola's Food

Cocktails, Smoothies, Juices

In the previous blog (page 1) I wrote about products that strengthen our immune system. Today I would like to continue this topic and tell you about juices, cocktails, mixtures, kefir and yogurts with fruit which I prepare in my kitchen and sell online.
Smoothies are an increasingly popular wellness trend and frequently marketed as a healthy food.
Both methods of extraction, juicing and smoothing, are good because they provide our bodies with a vitamin bomb. But there is a small difference in the preparation of juices. Making a juice in a juice extractor or slow press juicing machine unfortunately gets rid of the pulp, which contains the most fiber and nutrients.
Blending produce into a smoothie preserves fiber, so smoothie can deliver an extra boost of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, as it often includes fruit skins and pith. If your smoothie includes yogurt or milk, you get some calcium too.
There is one thing smoothies lovers must remember about, especially if they buy them in stores. Smoothies can contain large amounts of sugar
which means it may include sweetened yogurt, sweetened juice, sorbet, frozen yogurt or ice cream (milkshake). And, sadly, many made-to-order and bottled smoothies include these ingredients.
The ones prepared in my kitchen are without any extra ingredients. For shakes I use my homemade yoghurt, kefir and freshly squeezed juices that also don’t contain extra sugar. (you can order my homemade smoothies, juices, or shakes online – just click on Preserves )

Juices, cocktails, smoothies for health and beauty

It has long been known how fruit, vegetable, herbal and cereal smoothies have a beneficial effect on our health, beauty and well-being. Today I will share some cocktail recipes, that you can make at your home, or buy online on my website.


Cranberry detoxifying cocktail

Cranberry is one of the best sources of strong antioxidants. It cleanses the body of impurities, fights free radicals, improves digestion .
1 apple
1 cup of fresh cranberries
1 tsp linseeds
2-3 dates
1 celery stick
1 fresh cucumber


Green mix for beauty

This cocktail is prepared from cucumbers, which contain a lot of silica that has a beneficial effect on our skin, besides it contains a large amount of water that moisturizes the skin, as well as kiwi and apple – sources of vitamin C, plus Omega acid – contained in nuts.
Blend all the ingredients

1 green cucumber
1 kiwi
1 apple
Handful of spinach and hazelnuts
300-400ml of water


Strawberry and watermelon cocktail

This can be made on the basis of coconut water, which affects the firmness and hydration of the skin. The strawberries in this combination have a cleansing effect, removing skin discoloration and antibacterial properties. Watermelon is a rich source of vit C and beta carotene that has anti-aging properties

300ml coconut water
1-2 cups of strawberries
1/3 watermelon
handful of almond flakes
handful of mint


Grapefruit and pomegranate cocktail

A real red bomb! Both fruits have a strengthening effect on the immune system, lower cholesterol, have antiviral and antibacterial properties

1 grapefruit (peeled from the skin)
1 pomegranate (cut in half and remove seeds)
put everything in a blender, add 200ml yogurt (I add my homemade yogurt)
If it’s too sour you can add some sugar or honey


Carrot ginger turmeric smoothie

Anti-inflammatory, and immune system boosting smoothie.
It is perfect for breakfasts or snacks. But it takes time to prepare.
Carrot juice
2 cups carrots
1 ½ cups filtered water
1 large ripe banana (the best frozen)
1 cup fresh or frozen pineapple
½ tbsp fresh ginger
¼ tsp ground turmeric (I use fresh one)
½ cup of carrot juice
1tbsp lemon juice
1 cup unsweetened almond milk

As I mentioned above, I don’t want to waste the fibers or nutrients ,so instead of juicing the carrots, I blend them with water first and then transfer it in the cheese cloth or thin dish towel. Then I squeeze and twist the juice out until all of the liquid is extracted.

Now blend all the smoothie ingredients and add carrot juice, taste and adjust flavors to choice:

  • More banana or pineapple for sweetness
  • Lemon for acidity
  • Ginger for bite
  • Turmeric for warmth


I’ve also attached photos of products that become richer for our body if we combine them with the right ingredients.