The pumpkin pierogi were delicious as were the ones with cabbage and mushrooms. I ordered 200 straight for my Christmas party!

Zuzanna Kucharska

Dear Viola

We’ve just finished!!!! David says the smoked chicken pierogi were excellent – the best pierogi he’s had. He’s never had chicken ones before. (Was it smoked?) That would explain the extra tastiness.
I call them „HEAVEN”. He also oved your tomato soup and pancakes very much.


I would love to be alboe to cook salmon like that. Marvellous. I’ve not had it in carmalised sauce before. I also specially loved the veg-I don’t know that it was. Some kind of cabbage – or maybe celery – with onions done most deliciously. As for the pancakes. DIVINE!!!

Many many thanks – and congratulations.


Dear Viola

You were so generous! Everything was stasty, but I especially liked the chicken. The soup was beautifull as well as being delicious. I have to tell you that we fed 5 and my son’s friend tasted the chicken too. Thank you for special night.


Oh my goodness. The food was gorgeous. It was all absolutely delicious but, at a push, I’d have to say the perogi were the best. I used to live in Poland and I never tasted anything so delicious there. There were delightful. The quality of the food was just brilliant!

Thank you so much. We really enjoyed it.

Best wishes.


Hi Viola

I just wanted to say thank you, we really enjoyed your food. The lamb was particularly delicious and the portions generous. The millet was new for us and tasty, similarly the dumplings. We like the mushroom/sauerkraut ones particularly. I hope to be able to recommend your service to local friends as it makes a tasty and healthy alternative to the dreaded ready meals!

Kind regards.

Kate Fuscoe

Having tried Viola’s food at a taste testing in the Polish Deli I placed an order to try just a few things. Everything was DELICIOUS! It was fresh, high quality and nourshing. Most especially loved the Beef Stronganov, full of flavour and just yum! We also had chicken stuffed courgettes, potato dumplings (I could eat half a kilo myself), pear pancakes (the pancakes were so good you could eat them on thier own)! & rack of lamb – best meat I have had since we arrived in the UK!!

Definitely recommend and wouldn’t hasitate to order again very soon 🙂

Thank you Viola!

Berenice & Gary

Fantastic food! Viola cooked for my son’s First Holly Communion in June and all our guests absolutely loved the food! Meat was delicious. Big portions as well. Will definitely order again and highly recommend.


Viola’s food never disappoints. Her latest Chicken Tikka Masala was to die for! Generous chunks of mouthwatering chicken in a perfectly spicy creamy sauce! The best we have eaten for ages! We also buy Viola’s dumplings on a regular basis and we know she uses only the best ingredients and taste reflects it! It shows she cooks with passion! Apart from tried and tasted classic she also experiments with new flavour combinations that are always exciting and spot on! It’s always a great treat to have a night in with Viola’s healthy and delicious food. We are very lucky to live nearby.

Since Viola has been cooking for out baby girl she has been a much better eater! She now really appreciates home made food and she is not too impressed with the sachets any more 🙂 Viola has been ‚spoiling’ our princess with banana pancakes, mango mousse, seasonal veggie soups, home made yoghurt, pork tenderloins and many many more. Every day something different! The food is not only very fresh and healthy but like no other baby food, so delicious that we often finish any leftovers 😉

Ąga and Matt