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I have spent the last 4 years developing my skills as a home cook caterer. But I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life as a journalist and TV reporter. I worked for the first private TV station in Eastern Europe in Poland (during the political transformation in the 90s), as well as for Polish TV stations in NYC.

With the opportunities in a city such as NYC, through meeting people during my interviews in places such as Washington DC, Miami or Phoenix as well as through amazing parties, events and dinners I began to fall in love with international food.

And what better place than NYC to learn that you could try new foods every day? Especially in the 90s. Eating at the Cotton Club in NYC, having a dinner at the Robert de Niro rest in Tribeca NYC, having lunch at the UN building after interviewing Sir Roger Moore, or dining in a place like Placido Domingo restaurant in Midtown Manhattan mended together my passions of journalism and food.

So how did I get into the catering business?

I would have never guessed I would be making food for others!, It all started here in London in 2013. After moving to London I did not get any opportunities to resume my journalism career, except for writing for some Polish newspapers. But one day an idea dawned on me, what if I wrote a book?

But what would it be? My book, once finished will be an exciting set of tales from my journeys throughout the USA and many other countries, and about my never ending love for foreign kitchens, recipes and everything in between. The book is still in the works, although I am already cooking food from all around the world for my customers.

At first Viola’s Food started off in the Polish shop in East Finchley, where I cooked and sold my products, although they were mostly Polish traditional foods. But everything changed once I was featured in the ‚Archer’ East Finchley local newspaper. I was then offered an incredible opportunity by the owner of the very well established, trusted grocery store ‚Tony’s Continental’,  that has been selling fresh, organic and healthy foods for the last three decades, to sell my foods there instead. I used that opportunity to expand my menu and business as a whole, and so my dumplings, croquettes, chutneys, jams and many more, began appearing in their fridge shelves.


Pork ribs in cherries…

Pork ribs served in cherries, honey and cherry liqueur sauce Ingredients:  4 tbsp of oil 2 onions finally chopped 2 cloves of garlic About 1kg  of pork ribs 2 tbsp of flour salt pepper 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon of chilli pepper 2 teaspoons of sweet pepper 1...


8.30 Pm Wednesday (Nov 21)

Just boarding the airbusA380 and heading to Hong Kong.
I am spending 12 hours at an altitude of around 34,000 feet and traveling a distance of 6000 miles to spend a few days in Hong Kong and find inspiration for my recipes. Sounds a bit crazy. But I am sure it will worse it. I am going to spend most of the time EATING, and exploring the taste of HK, China or Japan even.

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Friday 23

Lovely early morning. Hong Kong slowly wakes up. The temperature is great 23 degrees and ONLY 56% of humidity, so it is a great start for my Food Adventure Trip scheduled for me by my partner. I am going to meet my “private” tour guide at Mong Kok, one of the most...

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