Postcards from my journeys

8.30 Pm Wednesday (Nov 21)

Just boarding the airbusA380 and heading to Hong Kong.
I am spending 12 hours at an altitude of around 34,000 feet and traveling a distance of 6000 miles to spend a few days in Hong Kong and find inspiration for my recipes. Sounds a bit crazy. But I am sure it will worse it. I am going to spend most of the time EATING, and exploring the taste of HK, China or Japan even.

May 1995 Midtown Manhattan

May 1995 Midtown Manhattan My birthday was approaching ... A friend of my - also a journalist from NY - invited me to one of Manhattan’s restaurant to celebrate that wonderful day with me. I did not know which place she has chosen. I was only told that I should meet...

Cotton club

Cotton Club I live in London now, but in 1991 I left my home country, Poland and moved down to NYC as I received a two month journalism scholarship in the USA. Today, looking back from the perspective of time, it seems as if I instantly felt like a 'fish in water', as...